Welcome to Pecan Pie Productions

Everyone loves movies. Even that weird kid you grew up with who ate paste and made his own Smurf village in the backyard loves movies (especially the Smurf movie). And no matter what new-fangled technological whatzamajigger comes along, the movie theater will be a place where people come together – it’s actually one of the last true communities when you think about it. And at Pecan Pie Productions, we want to help your business reach that community. The audience is there and they’re glued to the screen. Why not give them something to look at about your business?

Some History

Pecan Pie Productions got its genesis, as fate would have it, with a dream in the movie theater. And like most of our dreams, Raquel Welch was involved prominently (it was a good dream!). It all began at a midnight showing of ‘One Million Years BC’. While we were in our seats waiting for the lovely Miss Welch to appear in her bikini made of the finest wooly mammoth, eating a piece of pie (pecan of course), and downing our fifth Slurpee of the day, we noticed the onscreen ads and thought, Man, those are bad! We could do so much better!”

At dawn the next day we packed up our vintage El Dorado, and along with our lawyer/nutritionist and our trusty pet llama Dwight, we went on a whirlwind tour of theaters across the country, doing research about onscreen ads. On this road trip a few things became clear. First, very few theaters allow llamas inside even if they do have legal representation present (with the exception of Wyoming where it is actually fairly standard to see llamas). Second, every demographic is represented in the movie theater. It’s one of the last places in America that truly has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of art house flicks where the main character spends two hours suffering only to die a horrible, painful death, or a connoisseur of kick-ass action flicks where the good guy causes many explosions, catches the bad guy, gets the girl, sticks it to everyone who didn’t believe in him and finally rescues a puppy from certain doom, the movie theater has something for you. The third thing we noticed was that the small businesses were getting squeezed out of a great opportunity to reach a captive audience by the corporate giants. That’s where we came to life.

Our goal is really pretty simple: we want to give locally-owned businesses the same opportunity to reach people in their community as the big companies. And that’s the best part, the audience is there, they can’t turn the channel or fast forward on their dvr’s and everyone’s eyes are on that big screen. So if you’re looking for a great opportunity to brand your business and reach the members of your community for a fraction of the cost of TV or more traditional advertising, give us a call at 888.990.8777 or email us at info@pecanpieproductions.com  Our trusty pet llama Dwight is making up a fresh batch of pecan pies (his pies are dynamite!), and we want to make sure everyone gets their fair shot at a piece of the pie.