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Get your business up on the big screen.

Choose between your local theatre or our national network of cinemas.

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The process for getting on-screen is easy.

And we’re here to help at every step.

Study after study shows that advertising on movie screens delivers higher recall rates and more affluent viewers than TV, radio, or print advertising.

At the movies, you get a guaranteed audience who can’t turn the channel or fast forward on their DVRs.  So let’s present them with your cinema ad!

Is your company ready for it’s close-up?

Join our Theater Network

Join the Pecan Pie Productions Theater Network and start earning more money from your screens today. We’ll handle the entire process.

The process for getting on-screen is easy and we’re there to help at every step.

We know that you’re busy running your business.

That’s why our process is designed to make it easy to get an advertising program started quickly.
What’s more, our advertising programs are affordable with straightforward billing.
Every step in the process has been designed to encourage success for your program and your business.

Getting started is as easy as getting in touch.
We’ll walk you through the process and get you on-screen right away.

Click here to get started or call us at (888) 990-8777


    Get in touch with us so we can discuss your business and what your specific objectives are. We’ll develop a program that fits your needs and budget.


    If you already have an ad you’d like to run we’ll work with you to get it ready for our screens.

    If you don’t have an ad, NO PROBLEM, our creative team will create one for you quickly and with your guidance.


    Once we’ve developed a program that you’re happy with and we have your creative assets, we’ll launch your campaign on our screens. Go to the movies and see your business on screen!


    Once your advertising program is running on the screens, we’ll work with you to ensure its continued success. We can make suggestions about how to refine your program and continue achieving better and better results.